About us

Based in Nairobi – Kenya

Founded in 2003 and based in Nairobi – Kenya, ERDEMANN PROPERTY LIMITED (“EPL”) is a limited Liability Company specializing in property development. EPL operates under the Investment Promotion Centre and was pioneered by a Chinese investor, Mr. Zeyun Yang together with a dedicated team of young professionals who have been very instrumental in the company’s transformation over the years.

EPL provides decent, low-cost shelter to Kenyans by employing the latest technology to the art of building construction. We emphasize on delivery of quality and affordable housing with an unwavering dedication to our clients. EPL has built more than 5500 housing units from the year 2003 to-date, and has cultivated numerous relationships which have earned us the trust of key stakeholders in the real estate industry.

The Kenyan urban housing sector is characterized by scanty affordable housing options, low-level home ownership and inappropriate dwelling units such as slums and squatter settlements. It is estimated that while a total of 150,000 housing units are required annually in the urban areas to cater for the backlog, only about 50,000 units are developed each year. This situation has created a limitless opportunity for investing in housing and indeed the returns to an investor have been shown to be significantly good. The future prediction for Kenya are incredibly promising if the present government can achieve all they have set out in their manifesto in consistent with Vision 2030. Indeed property investment opportunities are in large quantity in Kenya and it is a thrilling rising market for real estate investors.


EPL’s Vision is to see a Kenya where every family is in a position to own or rent a decent house.


EPL’s Mission is to provide affordable and decent housing to middle and low income earners .


EPL conducts its business with interested parties on an honest, fair and equitable basis. Our business is people and their well-being. Therefore, in the pursuit of our mission and vision, we conduct ourselves in accordance with the following guidelines: