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June 29, 2021
Greatwall Gardens 6
January 31, 2024
Current Project 3 Bedroom Apartments Master Ensuite

Great wall Gardens 4

Great Wall Gardens 4, is one of Kenya’s Premier Development that brings the best of country living to the suburbs, located in Athi River along Mombasa Road, with Captivating views of the surrounding environs and bears closeness to the panoramic views of the Lukenya Hills.

Great Wall Gardens 4 apartment offers a peaceful environment in a secure and scenic setting with a superb lifestyle. Being designed by top urban planners and architects to offer and exceed your dream expectations and provide you with a living environment that has good roads, close proximity to major business and social amenities. Hotels, malls and recreational facilities to bring International standards of living to Kenya.

This development will offer its residents with affordable housing which is one of the big 4 Agenda of the Government, and Great Wall Gardens 4, has offered sustainability and a sense of eco-conscious design, supplementing and supportive of a “home” community sense of well being.

Master En-suite apartments that are tastefully architecture.

This state- of- the art development prides itself in its Master Planning of Cluster of Houses with a grand total of-:


568 apartment units

  • 568 No. 3 Bedroom unit apartments
  • 41 No. Shops